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The Perfect Valentines Day Gift For 2017
19.01.2017 11:12

A beautiful gift in the right hands can bring a lot of joy. But things that make one happy, in others, only cause a tired eye-roll or an annoyed sigh. Just a valentine gift should be chosen with great care. A poll from eDarling reveals the best and most terrific gifts to the Day of Love. You can also use valentines day sayings for this purpose from here:-

Gifts on February 14?

Not so long ago, you met an interesting person who would like to get to know you better. Now is the Valentine's Day just around the corner and you are unsure: If you give something - and if so, what?

If you want to surprise a new acquaintance with a Valentine's Day present, you will probably reap joy. In a survey of 361 eDarling members, 79 per cent of women said you would like to receive a gift for the Day of Love. But even with a male companion you are probably not wrong with a valentine gift: 57 percent of the men questioned would be pleased.

But which Valentine's Day gift is the best?

What do you mean, what's with your new acquaintance especially good at? Chocolates Roses It is not easy to find the right gift. But there are actually some things that almost always arrive well.

Say it through the flower!

Flowers on Valentine's Day? Of course! 60 per cent of the women questioned would be particularly pleased with this flowery greeting.

But here you should pay attention to what the florist you compiles - the language of flowers can be very tricky. The red flowers of roses and carnations can no longer doubt your deep love your chosen one. But if you still feel such intense feelings, you could be on a container of jasmine recourse - that says: "You're so adorable!".

The survey further revealed that 18 percent of women and a quarter of men surveyed liked receive a fragrant gift: perfume is well received - but then it must be the right fragrance. For the man it may be a little more pragmatic on February 14th: 30 per cent enthusiastic men make the book for the Valentine's Day gift of the superclass. Only eight percent of women can share this joy.

With which Valentine's Day gift are you guaranteed wrong?

What also under the Christmas tree gives no good gift, is also unsuitable as a Valentine's Day gift. Kitchen and other electrical devices are for women at least not the best gifts to express your affection.

With electric mixer, ricer or food slicer You probably make no woman happy. Electric toothbrushes or other devices of this kind should also not be the valentine's gift of choice for your loved ones.

Clothing and shoes, 23 percent of the men questioned would not be given the day of love. Even the seemingly most popular Valentine's Day gift of men - the book - is for less than 19 percent also not the right gift . If you as a woman want to surprise your acquaintance with a literary work, then you are better advised if you know what he likes.

The perfect Valentine's Day gift: A tightrope walk

What is the most beautiful Valentine's Day gift? The results of the eDarling survey are separated by gender.

Especially if you do not know for a long time, you should be careful with gifts. The ghosts, as is well known, are divorced. A book with sensitive content might have only a heated discussion result as cozy hours together. The fragrance, which you perceive as extremely fragile, can already feel a different nose as an offense.

Anger or dissatisfaction about gifts can easily be avoided if you realize what is most pleasing to the other. That is why you give with care!

For couples, or those who want to be, Valentine's Day can be a romantic day. On the day of love and falling in love , therefore, is a Valentine's Day gift that reveals only expediency and lack of imagination, out of place. Better are romantic gestures for day of romance - get inspired!



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