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7 Ways To Become Rich Without Much Effort
25.07.2017 19:02

In order to escape from poverty, it is not enough just to "do something" or "work somewhere".  There are 17 rules that can lead you to wealth like I did as medical representative.

And in order to become rich, you need to start following the following simple rules:

1. Each your problem should be solved in the shortest time, usually then the least amount of effort is required to solve this problem. Be decisive! Think less and do more!

2. Work less for someone. The more you work, the worse you live! True, I do not consider work as my favorite business. Work - from the word "rab"!

3. If you are going to have money, bring some value to the market and people will bring you money. But the amount of money depends on how much YOU WILL SURE YOUR BENEFITS OF BENEFITS OF THIS VALUE!

4. Work only for the sake of YOUR INTEREST. Forget calls for corporate culture and loyalty to the firm. The firm always has you, otherwise you would not work there.

5. Think about how to earn a minimum of $ 50,000 per month. It is possible MORE. LESS IS NECESSARY!

6. Money comes to you through other people. Communicate! Unpaired and beeches rarely become rich.

7. The poor environment almost always pulls you into poverty. Even very rich people always have "relatives, friends and other petitioners" who, if they are not professionally beaten, will quickly deprive you of money. If you are a man while poor, in your environment just do not like, do not respect, and some even hate the rich. Always need to communicate with Winners and Optimists. That's right, with a capital letter - Winners and Optimists!


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