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Peppermint Oil The Best Essential Oil
04.02.2017 23:42

Internally as externally effective in pain

Peppermint ( Mentha piperita ) comprises two active ingredients: peppermint leaves  ( menthae piperitae folium ) and derived essential oils (menthae piperitae aetheroleum ).

Peppermint oil is made up of various essential oils, which together develop their effects very differently depending on the application.

Internally applied use the essential oils especially for problems in the gastrointestinal area and indigestion . The active ingredient can, on the one hand, inhibit inflammation and, on the other hand, improve digestion.

Applied both internally and externally stimulates the oil of peppermint to the bronchial secretions and can therefore in  inflammation of the upper airway may be helpful.

In pain of muscles , nerves and headaches , as well as itching of proven pain-blocking effect of peppermint oil comes into play.

Use for drowsiness, bloating, loss of appetite, cramping gastric intestinal complaints and irritable bowels

Natural help for digestion and pain

Peppermint oil is a great active ingredient, which can produce miracles depending on the application.

Internally used are the essential oils of the mint oil on the musculature in the gastrointestinal area. Similar to the effect of peppermint leaves prevent the components in the peppermint oil calcium influx into the cells. For this reason, the gastrointestinal tract is relaxed and relaxing.

Also similar to the effect of peppermint leaves are the effects of peppermint oil to the esophagus - or rather on the esophageal sphincter. The oil reduces the rate of sphincter work, so the stomach can drain more quickly

Use in colds and coughs, bronchitis, rhinitis and stomatitis

Essential oils for infections and inflammations

However, the effect on the bronchi is different. The entire bronchial tree is lined with microscopically small cilia. They transport foreign substances from the lungs to the outside. Peppermint oil stimulates these hairs to increased activity so that also mucus can be coughed. In addition, the oil has effects against bacteria and fungi. Particularly with bacterial infections, it can be effective as inhalation in inflammations of the upper airways.

Internally, for example as a gum solution, the peppermint oil can also act locally against bacteria and fungi. For this reason it is suitable for use in mucosal inflammation of the mouth .

Use for headaches

Pain go away!

In muscles, tendons and headaches , as well as itching, the ingredients of the peppermint oil act externally applied quite differently. The cold receiving sites (receptors) are stimulated locally in the skin. The (noticeable) cold seizure is passed on and leads to a blockade of the pain line.

For this reason, the mint oil is used today with tension headache up to migraine.



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