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Temporary Tattoos: Effective "do-it-yourself" methods
08.02.2017 11:10

Have you ever dreamed of a tattoo, but are not thrilled by the needles that are thrown on your skin a thousand times? Or perhaps because of the fact that you are working in the industry? Fortunately, you can have a temporary or fake tattoo done today. These variants do not cause you any pain, are not as expensive as the real, and do not hold a lifetime.

Surely you have seen such a kind of tattoo which has often been executed on the beach. These are so-called henna tattoos, and you can choose a variety of designs. But did you know that you can actually create one yourself? When you were a child, you might have tried one of these sticker tattoos that were glued on, the same can you do today. To give you some ideas on how to make temporary tattoos, just read on.

The first steps
The first step is to choose what you want. It could be a tribal art mark, dragon, butterflies, skull, flora or faunas, etc. This part should not be underestimated, as it may be very difficult to choose a design direction as they have to consider some other factors.

For example, if you want a small butterfly tattoo, do you know where you want to place it on your body? If yes, good for you! If not, you should give the advice of professionals as butterflies can best be placed on the scapula, neck, hip, at the lower end of the back. Note, however, that each placement has a certain meaning.

If you decide to have a butterfly tattoo on your back, it means freedom; That you are a freed person. You should take a temporary tattoo seriously, as it is in some ways also a kind of art. If you want your fake tattoo to express a deeper part of your personality, it is important that you apply the tattoo carefully and precisely to the skin.
Another good thing to note here is that you clean the skin carefully before applying the temporary tattoo. You can clean this easily with a soap or isopropyl alcohol, you can use a cotton ball. Also, make sure that you have no oily ingredients on the skin where the temporary tattoo is on it as it can adversely affect the longevity of the temporary tattoo. Meanwhile, you should have a good understanding of how temporary tattoos must be prepared in practice before you perform the actual tattoo. So read on here to learn about the various possibilities of applications from your tattoo design to the body.

Use a gel pen to create a temporary tattoo

First draw the design on a drawing paper with a pencil, then you can follow the color with the dark colored gel pen. If you can not draw like a professional, look for a design online that can be easily dyed in the color scheme and then print it out.

Second step is to put the colored transparency paper on the body part where you want it to be. You just have to take a damp cloth and press firmly on the drawing paper for half a minute. When the time has elapsed, slowly remove the transparency paper and check for it to be successful. If not, leave it for a few seconds longer and press something again.

If everything has worked out, it is time to remove the paper and the cloth. Let your temporary tattoo dry. Take care that you do not scrape while bathing at the place where the tattoo is on it.

Nail polish variant

This method may sound odd, but nail polish is endowed with strong colors that you can have on the skin for a long time. Nail polish and ink are very suitable for the production of tribal tattoos. Before anything else, prepare a pen, scissors, paper and nail polish with different colors. At the beginning, draw the tattoo design on a paper.

To make it easier to place the skin on the skin, cut the finished motif. Note, if you want to use two or more colors, you should create a few design scripts. Then cut out the specific parts of the design where you only want to take a specific color. Of course, you can do the same for the second color, so you have a color scheme for each template.

Begin to place the first template on the skin and apply the color with the nail polish, leave it to dry and continue with the next template and color. Repeat the process until you have finally used all the colors and stencils and the tattoo is complete. In the end, leave it dry well for a few minutes.

Eyeliner variation

This is considered one of the easiest methods - according to the tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts. Eyeliner tattoos are often applied to the skin to spice up the body when you go to a party at night or you are just curious how an art looks on the skin.

You need the following materials to make these types of tattoos:

  1. Hairspray
  2. cotton swab
  3. Eyeliner (any color you want for your design)
  4. paper

Draw your design on a paper and then on a template. Place the template on the desired body part and draw the outline of the design with the eyeliner. You can also add some other special details if you like.

Once the outlines of the design have been fixed, begin by coloring the eyeliners, do not forget to use the cotton swabs to mix the colors if necessary. Apply a coating over the tattoo with the hair spray, which will keep the tattoo longer. This serves as a sealant and protects your tattoo from possible stains. Wear the tattoo as long as you like.

Some last notes
While temporary tattoos are a good preparation before you can possibly make a real one, you should also be careful about the possible allergic reactions that can cause a use of chemicals that you can get on your skin. Products such as permanent markers, gel pens and nail varnish can lead to skin irritations, since temporary tattoos are not suitable.

To avoid such an unfortunate result, buy products that have proven to be hypoallergenic and do not contain toxic chemicals. If something bad should happen with your skin, consult your doctor as soon as possible.


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