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The Danger And Harm Of Coca-Cola
20.07.2017 00:10

It is a rumour that Coca-Cola had been used as a means for treatment and dental rinse. However, this view has been very misleading, since studies have shown a very detrimental effect to the teeth. On the Internet you can find lots of pictures which demonstrate how cola affect the teeth (in short - teeth are black, like oxidation). Copious drinking Coke will lead to increased blood pressure , as in the present composition is the same caffeine.Therefore, those who suffer from hypertension, do not indulge in this beverage.

Also, coke is contraindicated for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, use is contraindicated not only cola, but also carbonated drinks in general. Now, as regards the impact of phosphoric acid. It is very effective against rust, but it is very detrimental to the body. In this case, it is able to flush out calcium from the bones and joints, resulting in increased bone fragility , and this can lead to calcium deficiency. Moreover, acid has a deleterious effect on the stomach wall, thereby can develop gastritis, occurrence of ulcers and so on.

And, of course, the drink contains a large amount of sugar (according to preliminary estimates, about 5-8 tablespoons), which is dangerous for an adult and a child even more. Use Coke significantly increases the burden on the liver andpromotes the release of insulin in the blood . Therefore, the drink is not recommended for people suffering on diabetes, as well as all those who are overweight. There is a special kind of cola - so to say, without sugar. However, in this case, it adds a variety of sugar substitutes, also do not go unnoticed in the body.


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