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Who Is In Donald Trumps Hit List? We Have The List!
20.01.2017 14:54

Each end is a beginning. Also in Washington. While Donald Trump is deposing his presidency on Friday before the Capitol, another more banal surrender takes place at the White House. The Obamas left the house definitively that Trumps a draw, and it remains only a few hours time.



Furniture, works of art, even mattresses and toilet paper: almost everything is exchanged. Obama's relocation presses a last time at the southern entrance, Trumps trucks simultaneously at the north entrance. Part of the inventory belongs to the state; If Trump does not need it, it will be stored.

Trump has already made clear what he does not want to keep in any case - and that is the policy of his predecessor. It covers issues such as environmental protection, immigration and taxes, projects such as arms control and Obamacare. Hundreds regulations, laws, instructions and agreements are available on the "kill list", the hit list, the Trump wants execute the first working day in the White House.

Important changes can be expected in these fields:



Trumps most promising promise is the construction of a wall along the Mexican border, which is to be paid by Mexico. Such a mammoth project would cost up to 25 billion dollars, and Mexico's government has made it clear that it will not.

Trump, however, thinks he has found a back door: he wants to start the construction by decree immediately - we can soon expect a symbolic spade sting - and Mexico the money for it only later. As? Through a new customs code, the year about 13 billion dollars from the Mexican cash in the US could wash -Household.

Trump, on the other hand, has now weakened his election campaign against all around 13 million illegal immigrants. Now he wants to deport "only" up to three million "predecessors", which would spare nearly two million "Dreamers" (the children of undocumented parents). But a "criminal record" is a stretchable term which could be applied to all illegal immigrants at worst - and could lead to rapid deportations that would give enormous power to local sheriffs.

Another threat Trumps: He wants to delete the so-called Sanctuary Cities, ie protection zones for illegal immigrants, government grants. However, this would lead to a major crash in the congress: There are more than 300 such congregations - including metropolises such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.



The withdrawal of Obama's healthcare reform is a top priority Trumps. For weeks, he has put pressure on the Republicans to work out a replacement plan. They had originally planned to bury Obamacare only formally and then to present an alternative in the course of time - perhaps 2017, perhaps 2018. Trump would like to avoid this. He is afraid that the insurance market could be dispersed if the conditions are not clear for months or possibly years.

The problem: He himself does not seem to have an exact idea of ​​what the replacement plan should look like. In an interview he recently promised "an insurance for everyone". On Wednesday, he discussed the new Axios news site again. He was above all concerned that the poorest Americans were insured. This, however, is also one of the key ideas of Obamacare.

Trumps critics insist that he will quickly realize how difficult the withdrawal of the health reform is and how great the risks are that could be affected by their core clientele of higher insurance contributions and less protection. On the other hand: Try it Trump. The topic was too important for him in the election campaign, so that he could simply let it disappear.



Trump has announced to reverse almost all of Obama's achievements for climate protection. Thus, he wants to abolish all restrictions on the gas and coal industry. In Trumps words, he wants to end the "war on coal" and make America "energy-independent" - although the industry has already produced record numbers under Obama. The Arctic regions of Alaska also want to restore Trump again for oil drilling, as well as under the Obama-locked North Atlantic regions. Controversy, Obama stopped pipelines such as Keystone in South Dakota wants Trump "in the fast procedure" finished.

Another point on Trumps eco-shooting list are the $ 3 billion promised by Obama to the UN Climate Change Fund, of which the White House quickly surrendered 500 million dollars just before the change of staff.

Much of this can be done by Trump at the very beginning, since Obama often passed these rules as executive decrees at the congress. Trumps handlanger will be Interior Minister Ryan Zinke, who has equaled oil exploration with harmless hobbies such as hunting and fishing. Nevertheless, this will not happen without resistance. In North Dakota, there were months protests against the construction of a pipeline before the project was stopped. The demonstrators there are in a tent camp ready.



There are also changes to the Supreme Court. Antonin Scalia, the arch-conservative, prominent judge at the Supreme Court, died almost a year ago. A month later nominated Obama moderate judges Merrick Garland as successor. But the Republicans blocked Garland's nomination by refusing to hold the necessary Senate hearings. The Supreme Court, for example, remained in a stalemate (4: 4) for the rest of the year, which decides, among other things, on central social issues such as civil rights and the future of the death penalty. Result: The court took fewer cases and showed up in other draws, which automatically confirmed the judgments of the last-minute instance.

Trump has now submitted a list of names with 20 candidates to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. They are all archconservative lawyers who would tilt the balance of the Supreme Court to the right for many years, if not decades. The Democrats are considering a possible imprisonment in the Senate in protest, but the Republicans suddenly want to.



Trump dreams of the big control reform. Corporate taxes are to fall, the burdens for individual Americans also, by all income classes - from poor to super rich. Most of all, immediately, of course.

How the model could look and, above all, how to avoid Trump that the plans a gigantic hole in the household tear, is completely unclear. There are a few facts and ideas, but fundamentally based Trumps dream date on the simple theory that it will refinance itself somehow. And so: When companies pay less tax and their profits increase, they make more Americans and the tax revenue gets bigger. It would not be that easy.

Many presidents have failed in a tax reform. Any attempt to find a new model in Congress becomes a political factor because advocates and opponents link tax policy with other fields. Trump will hardly change that. Here he will have to exercise great patience.



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